Any applicant who meets the below eligibility requirements can register to compete in the Architecture of Music Competition. The registration fee is $50 for Junior Category, $75 for Intermediate Category and $100 for Senior Category.


Rules & Regulations

The competition is open to students from all types of music schools.

The competition is divided into three age groups:

  1. Junior Category up to 13, born on or after January 1, 2009
  2. Intermediate Category 14 – 18, born on or after January 1, 2005
  3. Senior Category 19 – 29, born on or after January 1, 1993

The competition program must be performed from memory.

The participants’ performance will be judged by a jury chaired by Patrick May, president of the Vancouver Chopin Society,  pianist Teppo Koivisto, and professor Wojciech Świtała.

The organizer reserves the right to change the competition schedule, the formation of the jury and the location of the competition.

Members of the jury may not enter their own students for the competition.

The scoring of all participants will be public.

The jury reserves the right to select the most interesting artistic personality of the competition, awarding him or her with the honorary title “Music Architect”.

The jury’s decisions are final.

There will be a limit to the number of available places in both categories. The order in which applications are sent will determine the possibility of participation in the Architecture of Music Competition.

Applications, including repertory, short biography of the participant and portrait photo shall be sent to:
You can also reach Carl Petersson at 604.347.8616

All costs related to travel, accommodation and meals are covered by the participants.

Laureates will receive monetary awards:

  • Grand Prix — $3,000
  • Senior Category winner — $2,000
  • Intermediate Category winner — $1,000
  • Junior Category winner — $750

The Architecture of Music Competition consists of two rounds. The first round serves as an audition, with each participant performing two pieces.

Round One

Application Requirements

Submission of two contrasting pieces.

Performances must be video recorded and submitted for review.

Video performances can be recorded on any device, including a smart phone. Professional recordings are not required.

The camera must remain at a steady angle throughout the performance with the performer’s hands visible on the keyboard.

Recordings must be horizontal, not vertical.

No special effects are permitted.

Each performance must be presented in one continuous take. No editing is allowed or permitted.

Application videos must be uploaded to YouTube or another hosted video service which enables the content to be viewed via a link, without needing to be downloaded.

Round Two

Candidates who move onto the second round will perform in person during the competition. Candidates may not perform pieces that were submitted in the first round.

Junior Group

One or more pieces of your choice.
Duration of the performance: 9 – 12 minutes.

Intermediate Group

Classical sonata form of your choice and one contrasting piece.
Duration of the performance: 10 – 15 minutes.

Senior Group

One or more pieces of your choice and "Architect's Dream" by Jordan Nobles.
Duration of the performance: 15 – 20 minutes.